What Does the Instinct for Survival Have To Do With the Inner Teacher?

Having established that we once had this knowing and intuition that was tied to the source, so what? Even if ancient peoples used to have it, is it really possible that we still retain this same ability? Is it possible that we can reclaim it again as a natural state?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone is born with an active intuitive awareness. This is really nothing more than a refined survival instinct which I will outline in detail later. But before I get into discussing the ins and outs, let’s first make sure our heads are on straight and our feet are firmly planted on the ground. This is not a special or unique ability. We should be careful not to confuse “forgotten” with “special.” This is a forgotten ability. If you suddenly found a lost sock under your bed, you wouldn’t be thinking, “Oh, here’s my very special sock! I am a very special person for having such a special sock.” You’d be thinking, “Oh, I found the match for that other single. Good, I can wear this again.”

It may have been taught out of us, or scared out of us, but the instinct for survival can’t be completely killed off. Even more, the spiritual element of this awareness is impervious to destruction because it’s integral to our beingness. It’s our essence. Even if we’re not consciously in touch with it, it is present and alive in each and every one of us. While it can often seem to be stumbled over and discovered accidentally, it can also be cultivated to become a normal part of our life, to become a permanent part of our experience. At will, by desire, we can have the ability to communicate with higher wisdom, greater knowledge, spiritual guidance.

The Inner Teacher

Previously, I’ve defined the inner teacher as the bedrock consciousness still connected to the All-That-Is, with its ability to provide direct access to pure knowing. It is also one of the gateways to higher consciousness, which is the gateway to spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that there are many gates in between, such as becoming more empathetic and compassionate, becoming more connected with nature, and opening intuition. These are just stations along the way. The endpoint is spiritual awakening. Reconnection to and remembering the One.

Think of the inner teacher as the telephone operator to greater consciousness, as well as to the All-That-Is. Depending on the clarity of the connection, we, the receiver, get very clear, good information, or we may misinterpret what we are hearing. At the start, it’s not dissimilar to a version of the telephone game, in which what we hear can become distorted and therefore not terribly useful. But over time, we can get better at listening. We can get better at making the right connection (with the help of the telephone operator) to get better and more useful information.

The Key Is To Remain Receptive and Curious

There is no need to throw out critical thinking. But we do need to allow for an open space, where we don’t immediately lead with judgment. Judgment has a tendency to clench and close down. Judgment wants the “one right answer.” In this space, the information can only be as good as the receiver is clear and open to many layers of possibilities.

Having and keeping that openness means maintaining a belief in ourselves. It’s been so long since we’ve given over our powers to external teachers—those designated wise ones—and have ignored our own inner teacher. While we might be open to believing that others have psychic abilities, or healing abilities, or can communicate with the spirit world, animals, and nature, we have become closed to the idea that we could also have these abilities.

So the challenge ahead is to resolve your disbelief that it’s possible for anyone, for the average person, for YOU to have this ability. Because, let me underline this again, this is an ability we are all born with.

But to reawaken it, to develop it more fully, there are necessary steps to take to get the rewards.

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