What is the Best Way to Live with Uncertainty

Q: How do we make ourselves better able to embrace change and uncertainty?

You have a major opportunity right now. This national uncertainty we’re facing will continue intensely for quite a while before it levels out. Knowing that this is not going to go away quickly will prevent you from rushing back to the status quo. Most of this has to do with varying levels of acceptance: acceptance of certain emotional states, external world conditions, and so on. Once we can accept what is, we can begin looking for ways to become comfortable with uncertainty. It does require sustained practice. But we’re being given a sustained period in which to practice.

Q: But what is the practice?

Learn to experience each moment as you experience it without filtering it through memory or applying it against future wants and desires. Just see it for what it is as it stands alone, not connected to anything in terms of time, but connected to everything in terms of spiritual existence and purpose. Positive reading material and meditation certainly are helpful. But mostly what is required is the desire to embrace uncertainty in a positive way: To make us feel extraordinarily alive rather than overwhelmingly fearful, arising out of the same circumstance. We all have to begin the practice. This is one of those things that could be talked about forever but you must begin the practice. There is enough information on how to begin. Each individual needs to figure out his or her own way. That’s also part of the uncertainty. There is no trick formula to uncertainty, there is uncertainty to uncertainty. So just begin, and experience.

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