A Great Day to be a Student

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Cait has been pretty lucky with her teachers so far; they’ve all been good for her. This year is her luckiest yet. She has a teacher who loves the outdoors as much as she loves teaching kids. Every year, this teacher takes her class to the Nature Trails as part of her science unit. She uses nature to help bring science alive.

Today, for the second of several trips, Cait’s class spent an hour hiking through the woods, observing and recording. They measured, they listened, they sat by a stream and took notes. They found animal tracks (the picture on the right is of raccoon prints).

It started me thinking about how hard it can be to combine our passion with our job. Cait’s teacher has found a way to fold her love of the outdoors into her teaching. It’s the smart people who figure out how to make their passion their work. It’s people like this who I want to be shaping Cait’s future. People who still care and know how to make the fire burn bright.

I’m sure if someone asks Cait when she’s 75, what’s one of her best school memories, this science class in the woods will be one of the first things she mentions.

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