A Name is the First Spell

We are born in a state of oneness—still aware of our pure connection with a greater knowing, a greater beingness and the all-that-is. But as soon as we are taught language, we begin being taught how to forget.

How is that possible? Let’s use the word “tree,” which is a language symbol for the image symbol for the thing itself. We’ve instantly been twice removed from pure reality. Much gets lost in the translation.

Each time we are indoctrinated into another “system” —cultural, religious, educational, etc.—we get more filters placed over our direct connection to knowing.

Think of these accumulated filters as glasses that start out clear, and over time begin gradually darkening, until they become very, very, very dark sunglasses. Whereas at the beginning we could see through them as though we had no glasses on at all, now, if we’re lucky, we might see the shadow shape of what we’re looking at.

Unless we are also taught ways to “remember,” language is just the beginning of our removal from this greater reality—and our ability to just know, including the ability to “just know” our pure connection to God.

And we will spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that state.

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