A Review of My Canon Powershot SD600

canonsd600.jpgHave you noticed there’ve been more photos recently? That’s because I finally got a new camera. I’d been using Cait’s Polaroid Izone 300. While it’s a fine kid’s first camera, it just wasn’t getting the job done for me. I am now the mostly thrilled owner of a Canon Powershot SD600 Digital Elph.

After doing some research and narrowing it down to the Sony Cybershots, and the Canon SD600, I went with the Canon. The price fit my budget (you can pick them up for under $200 now), and it had all the features I wanted without adding any extra cost for features I didn’t want.

It comes with 6 megapixels (plenty for me), a 2.5 in LDC screen, a view finder (which was a must) and a digital zoom of 4x. I went with the Elph because I wanted a camera that was lightweight and would fit in my pocket. The camera also has a a bunch of scene presets, plus a VGA movie mode, which is helpful, because at this time a point-and-shoot is about all I can manage. Though I hope someday I’ll have the time to learn all the intricacies of an SLR.

What I like about the camera:

  • It has a really fast start up and quick shutter speed. No more holding down the button for a few seconds before I can begin shooting away.
  • It takes great photos with sharp images and details.
  • It’s fairly intuitive to use.

What I don’t like:

  • It has a really flimsy door covering over the USB port plug in. Mine has already broken.
  • The controls could be a little more solid and better placed.
  • There’s no easy way to tell when the battery is getting low.

Really, aside from that rickety port cover, I’m very happy with my little elph!

What camera are you using, and what do you like/dislike about it?

10 thoughts on “A Review of My Canon Powershot SD600”

  1. Hi,
    i am starting a blog of my paintings and am trying to figure a way to photgraph them good. I have a canon powershot SD 600. I would like to have my pic size small like 20-150 kb but mine are 1000-1500 kb. DO u know how I can edit that.

    Hi Vani,
    What image editing program are you using? I use Photoshop 2. It’s a basic program, but it does everything I need it to do.
    When I want to change the size of my image (mine all come out of the camera as big as yours) I go to the “Edit” menu on the toolbar and scroll to to “Resize.” Then I click on “Image Resize” and put in the size I want. It’s that simple.
    If you are using a similar program — or any program — there should be a place where you can edit the size. If you’re not sure where to look, click on the help button in your program, and type in “Image Resize” in the search box, and that should bring you to the information you need.
    Good luck,
  2. I have the Casio Exilim. I love it because it’s 10 megapixels and doubles as an awesome video camera. I don’t have to carry around two different cameras anymore.

  3. You have sold me…I looked at the Canon powershot SD600 today….my birthday is Wednesday so there may be a new digital in my future and Dh likes the price …finally no cd’s! Thanks for the excellent review! ( and your pictures are great!) :)

  4. Cait, good tip on getting the 2nd battery. By the way, love your name! :)

    Meredith, the bigger zoom is the only thing I wish the SD600 had. But like you, not in my budget right now either.

    Jenny, my camera uses a USB cable that plugs right into the computer from the camera. Couldn’t be any simpler. Yeah, I don’t think I’d bother with a camera at all if I had to go the CD route.

  5. I am in in the market for a new digital…was using an HP and not pleased. Your elph sounds great…and budget friendly. What does it use to load the photos to your computer? I have been using my Olympus 35mm and loading the pics to cd…tired of this.

  6. I have an older Nikon coolshot that I kind of inherited. I like it’s size and rapid photos. It’s easy to use and I can take short videos. I am now wishing I had a bigger optical zoom, though. this one is only 3x and I have seen a not too big Olympus with a 10x optical zoom, not in my budget for now.

  7. I have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR and a Kodak EasyShare. I’m still learning the SLR but I like the clarity in the photos that I just don’t get with the Kodak. I like my Kodak because it fits in my purse and while it doesn’t take the best pictures it is perfect for on the run shots of the kids!

  8. I have the same camera! We also recently purchased ours so I am still figuring out some of the things it can do. So far so good!

  9. I have an older version (the PowerShot S410) but I love, love, love it. It’s a few years old now and I’m thinking of upgrading, but it’ll be another Canon PS for sure.

    Oh, and invest in a second battery. It’s so worth the money and that way you can have a fully charged battery at all times (I agree; the Canon doesn’t give you enough notice that the battery is about to die).

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