Autumn Light

Autumn Sky

This is my favorite time of year. There is something about the kaleidoscope of colors mixed with the ephemeral light that quickens my spirit.

And the pond is one of my favorite views on our property. It’s been a kind of touchstone for our family, in part, because we’ve gazed upon it — and the parade of animals that visit it daily — for more than two decades.

I took this shot because it was the play of light that captivated me. I could imagine a 19th century water-colorist laying down the last strokes before folding up his easel and naming his painting “Autumn Light.” All it needs to complete the pastoral scene is a couple of grazing sheep.

When I shared it with Cait, she didn’t comment on the light, but rather on the pond itself. She named the photo “Naked Pond.”

It’s a not-so-secret commentary that she’s not happy that we mowed around it to make it more visible and tidy. She prefers the au naturel look.

Either way, there’s no arguing that it’s a beautiful sight.

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