Go To The Dark!

I needed to get a tool out of the garage to finish a project I was working on. As I turned on the light, there was a bat flying low and circling around the garage. Then it starting flying around the light. I quickly opened the garage door, waved my arms and yelled, “No, not the light! Go to the dark! Go to the dark!”

Guess it’s all a matter of perspective…

3 thoughts on “Go To The Dark!”

  1. I LOVE BATS! I also love owls, and snakes. We once had a crow fly into the house, it was really funny! Our big white cat, Leo, was having a ball! I think that it’s really sad when people look at a wonderful animal, and then warp it in their minds, and make it evil, and try to hurt it. Like bees. In my religion, bees are sacred, because… I can’t quite recall the reason right now, but, whatever it is, it made sense, and it makes me really sad and angry when someone freaks out and kills it, or worse, makes someone else kill it for them. Anyway, I loved your story, it made me laugh! “Go to the dark, go to the dark!”

  2. We’re very thankful for them — until they somehow find their way into the house. Then it turns into a regular Seinfeld episode to get them safely out.

  3. That’s funny.

    I wish more people were enlightened enough not to try to harm bats which are so misunderstood and do so much good for the environment in which they are allowed to function.

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