My Annual Christmas Present to Myself

bakers creek seed catalog

If you’re a gardener and you don’t know about the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog, you should. The catalog always comes in early December, and I always find a few new plants and veggies to try. The diversity and uniqueness of their offerings is fantastic. I dare you to not find something you can’t wait to add to your garden.

I consider this my Christmas present to myself. And now I hope it becomes a Christmas present you give yourself. The catalog is free and you can get it here.

Here’s a little about the company: At Baker Creek, our passion is Saving, Growing, and Sharing rare seeds! Our mission is to provide seeds of a sustainable food supply for everyone, keeping heirloom varieties alive for future generations. We believe farmers, gardeners, and communities have the right to save their own seeds and, in so doing, preserve seed diversity and food security in an age of corporate agriculture and patented, hybridized, or genetically modified seeds. All the seeds we sell can be saved, shared, and traded, and we encourage people to save their own seeds.

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