Has It Always Been So Peachy

From the mailbag: Samantha writes: You and Caitlin seem to have quite an amazing relationship. Has it always been so peachy? Don’t you ever lose your cool?

Dear Samantha: Like Kiera, my daughter came into my life to slap me upside the head and wake me up out of any sleep-walking through life I might have been inclined to do. From the very beginning, Cait has had a way of getting and holding my attention. Right from the emergency C-section, after a very long labor, through the first six weeks while we waited to find out if she was permanently deaf. It was a wake-up call a minute.

Putting all that excitement aside, I just plain really like Cait. She cracks me up. What’s even nicer is that those feelings are mutual. We thoroughly enjoy each other’s company; we always have.

As for losing my cool? Put me behind the wheel of a car in heavy traffic and my cool goes poof! But with Cait? Hardly ever. It’s not worth it — she gets absolutely crushed, as in flattened like a pancake. I learned early that talking things out with her gets us both a lot farther.

So, getting back to your original question, has it always been so peachy? The short and long answer is yes. But check back in a few years when she’s in full teen-age swing… :)

7 thoughts on “Has It Always Been So Peachy”

  1. Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. Glad to know that so many of you have weathered the teen age years ‘relatively’ well. :)

  2. When a parent says “I really LIKE my child” that says something. You have that…The fact that you talk about things will help the teen years.

  3. The teenage years are not so bad…IF you don’t mind a few brief years of being considered brain dead before you get smart again.

  4. Just found your site. Love the “Cait and Me” stories. I’d like to come back as your kid in my next life…

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