From Our Boo Crew to You


Goblins, witches, ghosts take flight
In the shadows of the night.
Children flock from house to house
Greeted by a pumpkin mouse.


19 thoughts on “From Our Boo Crew to You”

  1. Mountain Dweller

    Wow! I have never seen pumpkins like those before. They must have taken hours to make. Happy (belated) Halloween!

  2. You’ve inspired me and my wife to actually carve the pumpkins that are sitting, untouched, on our front stoop. Those are amazing! I love the perspective in the mouse pumpkin, the action of the flames in the fireface, and the unmistakeably a bat-ness of the bat.

  3. Yipeee! You are back! I missed ya something fierce the past few months Karen! Your pumpkins are gorgeous! Happy Halloween to you all. :) ( we don’t get any trick or treaters either out here in the sticks. I sure miss that.) Going to catch up on your posts now…:)

    1. Hey Jenny, I’m only sorta back. I’m still in the thick of things and so don’t have the time I’d like to post even semi-regularly or get around to visit with everyone yet. But I’m workin’ on it. :)

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