Great Idea for How to Find a Lost Dog

If you’ve had animals your entire life, you’ve probably had the experience of frantically searching for a lost pet somewhere along the line. And you also know how truly heart-wrenching and helpless it makes you feel. Well here’s a tip that can literally be a life saver in helping you find any lost pet.

Recently, talking with one of my more orginal-thinker dog friends, she shared this tip for how she’s found her and some of her friends’ missing animals.
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You know I’ve used my iPhone to find lost animals. When my cat, Leo, took off for 3 days in the spring I recorded the sound of my microwave ding because this is the last sound he hears before he eats (because I warm up the dog food).

I carried it in to the woods and repeatedly played the ding.

Every night I would go out back and call and call and he would not make a sound. One night I sat on the back step and played the ding and he meowed back! lmao…and then from that point he came closer and came in the house.

My friend’s dog constantly escapes when she can, and takes off in to the woods. My friend called a couple of weeks ago saying the dog was not back yet and could I possibly go over there and see if she was back to put her in the house–because it was so cold. So I went there and no Rosie. I recorded her other dog barking for a treat and took that sound in the woods. Rosie is a jealous dog and God forbid anyone else should get attention or a treat without her. I figured in dog language his whine would be about food. I played his whiney bark and the next thing I knew she was standing behind me. LMAO.


The recording can be anything the dog relates too…even the ding sound in the car when you first get in. Some happy sound that makes them come running. In the old days I would hold the electric can opener out the back door as I made it whirrrr….but oh, we’ve come so far!

I think this is a brilliant idea! I’m making recordings of sounds my crew responds to now as we speak. Better to have these sounds saved before I need them.

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