Looking for an Unusual Christmas Gift?

lifelike stuffed toy australian shephard

As I’ve previously shared, Cait has serious puppy hunger. And she flip flops back and forth between getting an Aussie now (the power of Kiera lives on) or waiting a bit.

I try to remain neutral and supportive because I know there is never a “good” time to get a dog. You just have to decide to make it work. So I listen and look as she shares feelings and Australian Shepherd breeder websites.

I thought that I might just get her a stuffed Aussie for Christmas to tide her over. Something to hold on to and snuggle with.

I came across Martina Sandoval on Etsy and was blown away by her craftsmanship. You can also find her on facebook.

This blue merle (Cait wants a blue merle) is incredibly lifelike. Martina makes all kinds of dogs. And tigers, and bears, and… pretty much anything you could dream of.

And…  as these are hand-crafted and can be custom-made to your specifications, these are not inexpensive. Martina uses high-quality materials: natural mohair from Germany, glass eyes from England, fabrics from Italy and Russia, and I think it shows in the result.

Since Cait has decided to go ahead and get a real dog, I thought I’d put the money toward helping her buy it.

But if you know someone who has serious puppy hunger but their lifestyle won’t permit a live dog, maybe this might just do the trick!

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