maple leaves blowing in wind
I overheard Cait explaining to someone recently that what I do for fun is to spend time outside, especially on windy days.  I intuitively understand the benefits of being out in nature—I don’t need scientific proof.

But if you do, there is actually a word for this: uitwaaien. “It’s basically the activity of spending time in the wind, usually by going for a walk or a bike ride. Today, the practice is so common that it’s known as ‘uitwaaien.’ It ‘literally translates to outblowing,’ explains Caitlin Meyer, a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Dutch Linguistics.

In a Nautilus blog post, Alice Fleerackers shares The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress. Essentially, you just have to get outside in the fresh air and wind.  As Meyer explains: “Uitwaaien is something you do to clear your mind and feel refreshed—out with the bad air, in with the good.” Or, as my dad used to say to us kids, “Get outside and blow the stink off.”

For those of us with dogs, this is just part of our existence. But if you find you’re allergic to the outdoors, just start with cracking a window and see where that takes you.