An Evening Walk

Sometimes the day races by before I get a chance to get outside. Kiera doesn’t care what time of day it is, she just wants to make sure that, at some point, we get in our three mile walk. You see, Kiera has taken it upon herself to act as my personal fitness trainer. She doesn’t care whether I want to go or not — in her mind, not going is not an option. In the past eight years, we’ve missed precious few days.

I ask you, how could anybody refuse this face?


Just because it’s already dusk, not to mention windy and cold, doesn’t matter a wit to her.

Having been converted by the benefits of everyday exercise in the fresh air, I’ve turned into Cait’s fitness coach. (Kiera’s job is a lot easier.) Letting Cait hold Kiera’s leash is always an effective incentive.


Then we pass by the first horse farm.


Pretty sunset, don’t you think?


To help keep Cait’s interest, I always try to add a little plant identification. This is a mullein plant favored by Native Americans. They used it as an earache and cough remedy, a tea, and as linings for their moccasins (it supposedly sooths aching feet). Most hikers know it as nature’s softest toilet paper, but that’s probably more than you wanted to know… This is a young plant. The older plants grow tall flower stalks.

mullein plant

It’s starting to get too dark and cold for Cait’s comfort. She trots back home, leaving me in the dust.


Night is falling fast. I come upon my most favorite tree on the whole walk. For some reason it reminds me of an African tree.


The light’s pretty much gone now (even with a flash), but I still have to say hi to Bonnie. She’s been waiting for her carrot all day.


Finally home and only semi-frozen. And Kiera will be expecting me to be ready to do it all again tomorrow. No matter that there’s a big snow storm blowing in.


13 thoughts on “An Evening Walk”

  1. Heidi, we’d love to have more dog loving neighbors. Oh, and having a couple of kids would be a plus too! :)

    Mountain Dweller, neither the tree shot or the shot of Bonnie came out when I used the flash, so I had to lighten the ones I took without a flash. I have no idea why one came out looking like a b+w and why the other one came out looking like a painting. There’s so much I need to learn about photography. But I also really love the way the African tree shot came out. Too bad I have no idea how to reproduce it if I wanted to… :)

  2. Mountain Dweller

    Thanks for taking us on a walk with you. Great photos, especially of the African tree – it looks almost like a painting.

  3. Wow! That is an amazingly beautiful neighborhood. It makes me want to move to wherever you’re living.

    Want a new neighbor?

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