Bird Songs – A Review

I’ve always loved watching birds. Once you know how to decipher their signs, they have a lot to tell you about what’s going on around you. For instance, if you’re sitting in the woods, and all of a sudden you see a flush of ground birds (robins, pheasant, turkey, etc.) fly up, you’ll know that a predator of some kind is in the vicinity. Or if the insect-eating birds (i.e. swallows) are flying lower to the ground, it’s because the insects are flying lower because of a low pressure moving in, and rain could be likely. And so on and so on.

But I’ve always found it hard to connect bird song with the bird. Oh, sure, we all know what crows sound like, and some of the other more common birds. But I wanted to know what a pileated woodpecker sounded like. And I wanted to know who the plaintive “fuuuu- foooo” whistle belonged to. (It’s the black-capped chickadee.)

So I tried a CD of bird songs. But the problem was I’d have to have a book with pictures of birds in hand to make the connection. Cumbersome, at best. Then I saw this book, Bird Songs, at a friend’s house and I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Each bird gets it’s own page with a beautiful color illustration and a brief description of region, habits, and bird calls. The corresponding number plays a recording of the bird song. I was hooked. I ran out and bought myself a copy.

With the holidays coming up I thought you’d appreciate knowing there’s a perfect gift out there for your nature lover. If you can’t find the book locally, just click on the book cover, and it’ll take you to

Bird Songs

Oh, and the Kingfishers on the cover? Yep, I can testify, the bird song in the book sounds just like them. I know, because I have a pair who call my pond home.

11 thoughts on “Bird Songs – A Review”

  1. Thanks for visitng my blog! I just spent time in yours and am in awe of how you dealt with the petty tyrant situation, I pray that I will have the wisdom to do this with my boys as they get older. What a great blessing today! Also, your yard looks beautiful in the picture where you needed fresh air.

  2. What a cool book! Thinking about birds reminds me of my camping experience with birds (nothing like Jan’s bird experiences!). I’ll try to remember to blog about it in the next few days.

  3. My husband is a huge bird lover, and I am going to order this right now for his Christmas gift. I love you bloggers…you give me some of my best ideas. Thanks for tip.

  4. That’s the perfect gift for someone that has me struggling for ideas. Thanks for the recommendation. I think I might just get a copy for myself, as well.

  5. That’s so neat. I’m getting that for my mother, who lives by a creek and spends loads of time watching the birds from her garden – she too is a big fan of kingfishers.

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