Best Glass Cleaner. Period. And How to Stop Cardinals From Dive Bombing Your Windows

I’m going to be a fountain of useful information today and provide you with two invaluable tips.

I’m on a mad cleaning tear. Happens every few years. Clutter accumulates until I can’t stand it anymore, and then I go on an extreme purge. What doesn’t get thrown out or given away gets a good cleaning and/or properly put away. Which also means every window in the house gets washed inside and out. (I know many people have the time to do this more often, and I salute those of you who do! Can I come and live in your house?)

Invaluable Tip #1:  Best Window Cleaner

sprayway glass cleanerI know. We all grew up with Windex and it seems heresy to change, but sometimes change is good. Really good. This is the Best window cleaner product on the market bar none. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. Or just google “sprayway” and check out the reviews. It’s ammonia free and streakless.

Just be sure to use it with a good quality, clean paper towel or a very clean microfiber towel

Okay, now that you’ve got beautiful, streak-free windows, time for Tip #2.

Invaluable Tip #2:  How to Keep Birds From Flying into Your Windows

Bird Block NettingClean windows mean clear reflections.  A thing of beauty to us. An invitation for territorial male birds to incessantly fly into and “attack” the glass.  Cardinals, in particular, are extremely territorial birds. Every time the male cardinal sees his reflection in your windows, he’ll start dive bombing them relentlessly.

That’s because birds can’t understand the concept of a reflection. So the male will think he’s seeing a rival anytime he sees his own reflection and he’ll try to attack it to force the rival leave. Which of course will never happen. Which means the male will never stop attacking your windows.

Ideally, the best solution is not to let those cardinals nest within 30 feet of any window. The second best solution is to buy plastic garden netting and tack it up over your windows. I’ve tried using the decals of birds of prey. Don’t waste your money. Save your sanity and put up the netting.

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