The Rest of the Story

I live in a part of the US (the Northeast) where “How are you?” “Fine, thanks,” is about as deep as most people care to go. So, in conversation, I’m always looking for ways to sidle up to what’s less obvious. Because it’s there that you’re likely to meet the fuller person. It’s there that you often get to hear the rest of the story.

That’s why reading blogs can be so interesting — you never know who you’re going to meet or what you’ll come to know about them.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t guess by looking at me that my family owned a hot air balloon for several years and we flew over much of New England and parts of the West.

Or that I’m a pretty good scuba diver. I prefer lakes. I’d rather snorkel in the ocean.

Or that there was a time when I supported myself by buying, renovating and selling old houses. I did most all the work myself. About the only things I wouldn’t tackle were plumbing and heating. If you’ve ever worked on old houses, you know why.

Or that I wrote my first book when I was eleven.

Or that I’ve had a near death experience.

Or that I used to bike anywhere from 50 to 150 miles a day for fun.

Or that one of my fondest memories of being with my father was listening with him to Paul Harvey on the radio telling “The Rest of the Story,” about little know facts of famous and infamous people.

So, please, won’t you, share a little bit of “The Rest of Your Story” in the comments?

(Gina, this is my version of seven-random-things. :)Thanks for the invite. 

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  1. Meredith, that’s a great solution to animal allergies. I have two stepsons whom I love as if they were mine, but I also don’t write about them for their privacy’s sake.

    Cole, that’s quite a history! So you’ve loved and been a saver of animals from the get-go… Obsessive readers are always welcome here. :) Oh, and my book was about two young, adventurous girls. The main characters were modeled after me and my best friend at the time.

    Therese, what a great way to learn an instrument! We have a clown conference in our town every year that’s great fun. But I can’t go to circuses for the same reason.

    Wow Jenny! That’s quite a resume!:) If I’d been in that courtroom, I’d have been shouting and cheering right along with you. Okay, TWO books?! And you don’t tell more? Come on. Cough up the goods. What were they about? I’m sure your next 50 years will be even cooler than your first. A big hug to you too!

    What an amazing group of readers I have. I appreciate all the great hearts and minds.

  2. Happy Holidays Karen! Hope you are snug as a bug and enjoying your family and friends and fur kids in front of the fire. This is great conversation…as always. I can relate to one of your life experiences. I had a near death experience after I delivered my first child. Was in ICU a few days…and went into DIC. ( Any health professionals would know this condition. Not good.)

    I have surfed in Hawaii.

    I have been a social worker ( my profession) and when in court in a custody battle I got in a shouting match with the plaintiff’s attorney when on the witness stand. The judge took my side and called down the attorney. Dang that felt good…and my case and the kid I was fighting for won! I always wanted to be a lawyer for women and children. I want to return to law school now in my 50’s!

    I baked cookies.

    I was a bookseller.

    I was a lifeguard and gave swimming instruction.

    I worked as a receptionist for a stock broker.

    I worked as a waitress in a steak house.

    I worked as an assistant in the library of an engineering/architecture firm.

    I wrote a book at age 12. I wrote another book at age 44.

    My father was one of the principal American civil engineers on the highway system in Saudi Arabia in the 1960’s-80’s. I met many Saudi sheks and their families as a child and played dolls with their daughters. They were all gracious and lovely people.

    I have helped deliver goats and cows and horses. Always a miracle.

    I have driven a combine and harvested wheat.

    What will the next 50 years hold? God bless you always.

  3. I just stopped by to say Merry Christmas then saw this post. What fun!

    I started playing the flute right after high school and took lessons from a flutist with the Indianapolis Symphony orchestra. I still play now and then.

    I used to be a professional clown and was a regular on a kids’ TV show. I auditioned to go to the Ringling Brothers clown school but didn’t finish
    the application. I didn’t want to be part of a company that treated animals the way circus animals are treated. It was cool being in center ring with the clowns for the audition though !

    My parents had a boat building company when I was a kid (Ski-Bird boats) and even though I was little I helped.

    I once saved my dog’s life by doing CPR.

    My Mom and I bought and remodeled a few homes. We did the majority of the work ourselves.

    So anyway…back to my original reason for visiting your blog today…Merry Christmas :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m interested to hear what your book written at age 11 was about. I wrote my first at 13 :)

    I once was homeless.

    I once fell through a roof of a chicken coop in an attempt to save three 2 week old kittens abandoned up there by their momma. I did (eventually) get all three of them.

    I’ve owned a total of 11 dogs in my lifetime and loved so many more.

    I visit your blog all the time and fear that I’ve become an obsessive reader.


  5. I admire your old biking stamina, that’s something I’d like to do. I’m not a big woman, but I am far from being an example of firm fitness. I dream of taking up running…or long biking and being able to see my muscles…I know I must have some somewhere :)

    I used to have a Siamese cat, Dusty, then a Doberman, Mandy…but allergies have side-lined my dreams of a house full of pets. I do animal sit for friends so I can get my dose of furry cuddles. We have a rabbit in house for Christmas and I am watching the neighbor’s cat.

    I have a great relationship with my step-mom, but I don’t write about her on my blog out of fear of hurting my own mom’s feelings. And by not writing about my step-mom, I am probably hurting her feelings, too.

  6. I won an art scholarship in high school. Because I’d taken few art classes, some thought it was just due to my good grades & were mad.

    My bowling team won second place in the state championships when I was in junior high. I once bowled a turkey. I haven’t bowled in years.

    I was a stripper. Not quite what you think, it used to be a job in printing. All of that is done electronically now.

    I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, and was a leader for about a year (not that you’d know that now to look at me).

    Among many other topics, I took my Regents in both Spanish and Hebrew. Not that I could speak either anymore.

    I played the flute from 4th grade through college. I still have my flute, but I haven’t picked it up in years.

    I was the only child in my family that didn’t pass their lifeguard test. Passed the written test, failed the physical test.

  7. Deb, I have to laugh because I didn’t mean to make myself sound like a tri-athlete. Nothing could be further from the truth! LOL! A three mile walk or a 5 mile bike ride is about my speed these days. I did stop by and read your post. Verrrrry interestink! :) And urls are fine here.

    Tom, nothing terribly exciting. Just your typical car crash. Not my fault. The other guy walked away without a scratch. I have to say, the experience was worth the price of admission.

    Teetotaled, national flag twirling champion?! Wow. You and Mrs. G. belong to a very select club.

    This is fun! Thanks for playing.
    Oh, and you’ll notice I added the CommentLuv plugin which lets you share your last post title if you’d like. Just leave the box checked if you want it to do that.

  8. I listen to Christian music in my car and often cry while doing so (not from sadness but because of the moving lyrics).

    I was the flag twirling captain at my high school and led our squad to a national victory.

    I failed my drivers test once… still sore about it!

    My grandmother passed away 21 years ago and I still talk to her(in my prayers)and dream about her often.

    This is fun Karen!!

  9. Wow Karen, you are definitely not an indoor girl.

    I think in most places people have adopted the “Fine, thanks.” automated response.

    I take a long time to reveal stuff to people face to face. That takes more trust, trust that has been seriously abused in the past. People face to face tend to think if they know something they need to fix it whether they are asked to or not.

    You are welcome to read the list I wrote on June 19th. Since I don’t know your url policy in comments I’ll just note the date or it’s in “memes”.

  10. Little Miss Sunshine State

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m kinda new at it.
    December archives has a blog about my Maine Coon Cat.
    I read the Finny archives.Good stuff.

    About me? Hmmm. I have been the A&W Root Bear, Lab tech, Ekg tech, Pharmacy Tech, Big Giant Bookstore Cashier Supervisor, Caregiver for Alzheimer’s and/or Hospice, Bottery Parn stocker and sales associate.
    Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,Thyroid crap, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, LMNOP.
    Have loved 4 cats and 1 mini-lop bunny,1 man,2 amazing grown-up kids.
    Reading Rocks, Math Sucks. I have an inner chef. I belt out Broadway soundtracks in my car.
    There’s more.

  11. Fuzzy Logic you ARE diverse! Maybe multi-talented would be a better description. :)

    Mrs.G. Divorce is the pits. If you set up a B&B, let me know. I’ll be one of your first guests.

  12. At 13, I trekked through Europe for the summer.

    I have watched my family decimated by divorce–mom,4 & dad,5

    I was on the top rated debate team in high school and college.

    I do not like razors, so I shave, at best, once a year. Luckily I have blond hair.

    I would love to runa B & B.

  13. oh! what fun!

    The rest of my story… hmm.. I’m so fascinating, I don’t know what to share! ::grin::

    I know…

    I’m a diverse person: I have been a hairdresser, an ear piercer, an artisan bread baker, a banker, a mortgage underwriter, an assistant manager, and prep cook. I enjoy reading, technology and computers, crocheting, baking, sewing, dog training, and occassionally just sitting on my butt and staring at mindless television. And for “fun” I work on websites, reserach essential oils, communicate with animals, educate others on dog health options, and occassionally work a psychic fair or two.

    Now, someone else play! this is fun!

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