I live in a part of the US (the Northeast) where “How are you?” “Fine, thanks,” is about as deep as most people care to go. So, in conversation, I’m always looking for ways to sidle up to what’s less obvious. Because it’s there that you’re likely to meet the fuller person. It’s there that you often get to hear the rest of the story.

That’s why reading blogs can be so interesting — you never know who you’re going to meet or what you’ll come to know about them.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t guess by looking at me that my family owned a hot air balloon for several years and we flew over much of New England and parts of the West.

Or that I’m a pretty good scuba diver. I prefer lakes. I’d rather snorkel in the ocean.

Or that there was a time when I supported myself by buying, renovating and selling old houses. I did most all the work myself. About the only things I wouldn’t tackle were plumbing and heating. If you’ve ever worked on old houses, you know why.

Or that I wrote my first book when I was eleven.

Or that I’ve had a near death experience.

Or that I used to bike anywhere from 50 to 150 miles a day for fun.

Or that one of my fondest memories of being with my father was listening with him to Paul Harvey on the radio telling “The Rest of the Story,” about little know facts of famous and infamous people.

So, please, won’t you, share a little bit of “The Rest of Your Story” in the comments?

(Gina, this is my version of seven-random-things. :)Thanks for the invite.