Syncronicity and Emergency Vets

It’s been an eventful and interesting day, starting at 3:30 a.m. this morning…

…with a pit stop at the emergency vet’s, along the way.

Kiera had a little issue that was easily resolved, and all’s well that ends well on that front.

That’s by way of saying that if you don’t know where your nearest emergency vet facility is, you should find out now.

My day was made a lot more manageable by knowing exactly where our emergency clinic was located, and feeling comfortable that it was staffed with people I respected and trusted. So that when there was an emergency, I knew exactly how long it would take me to get there, and I could call ahead and alert them to be ready for my arrival.

That’s worth its weight in gold. Because don’t emergencies only and always happen after your regular vet’s office has closed? Murphy’s Law has always been in effect for me on that one. Okay, that’s that for this public announcement.

BUT… But what made the visit so interesting was the guy I chatted with while I was waiting to pay my bill.

He struck up the usual “What are you in here for” conversation. We exchanged stories. What was so fascinating was that as he talked, I could have switched him out for me and the story still would have been a perfect fit, down to the age of our mothers.

We were sharing how that when both of our fathers died, we’d both gotten our mothers dogs to help them survive the loss. They’d both made a miraculous recovery with the help of their beloved dogs’ love. And now both dogs were old enough to be having concerning health problems. And this gentleman and I were sharing how we were not looking forward to the day when these dogs passed on. And, how, most likely, that would be the day our respective mothers would move in with us. He went on with many more specific similarities.

Who would have thought that I’d meet a soul twin at the emergency vets? I gotta say, it was a little eery.

Have you ever had a really striking synchronicity?

6 thoughts on “Syncronicity and Emergency Vets”

  1. Thanks Karen. Have you noticed Graidy coughing? Jordy did not at first, but I have been noticing it more and more. We will be setting up his teeth cleaning next week. BTW, I sent you a email about a wonderful Aussie story :)

    1. No coughing yet. The vet just caught Graidy’s murmur this past year. We guess he’s about 10yrs old, so, so far so good. Yeah, the coughing’s not good. Prayers for Jordy.

  2. I have to take my Boys in next week. My Sheltie/ Border Collie mix was diagnosed with a heart murmur about 6 years ago. When he starts running or playing, he is coughing more. I’m getting a tad concerned.

    1. Sending good thoughts to your boy! Graidy was also recently diagnosed with a heart murmur, so first order of business was to get his teeth cleaned to shut down that route for bacterial infection. Let me know how it goes!

    1. Yes, it turned out to be a “simple” UTI that antibiotics will take care of. I always seem to run into interesting people at the vets. I seem to have one of those friendly faces that makes complete strangers comfortable walking up to me and sharing their entire life stories. : )

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