Pea Popping Party

Just back in from the garden, where the peas will be ready to pick in a few weeks. Nobody in our family loved peas more than Magic. We’d have to race him back there just for the chance to eat a few raw off the vine, before Magic would have them all polished off.

He would have been eight today, if the neurological damage from Lyme disease hadn’t claimed him far too early.


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  1. Hello, I have an Aussie who is completely deaf. Long story short, she was dumped in my rural area at approximately 9 months of age. When I found her she had been hit by a car. I took her to the vet and her pelvic bone and femur head were shattered beyond repair. I opted to take her in and give her safe haven. I need to do more to keep her occupied but she is limited because of her leg, no agility or that sort of thing. My neighbor has cattle but doesn’t want her over there so I have installed a in ground fence. She has about an acre to roam. Unfortunately she unearths all my plants, grass, weeds. Anything growing. My entire yard is dirt. She has also chewed up every bed or blanket I’ve given her, not to mention numerous things in my home. She shows no interest in chew toys. She is very smart and learns but can be very stubborn as we learn thru hand signals. When she chooses not to comply, she simply turns her head so she doesn’t see what I’m trying to tell her. Would you have any suggestions on how to keep her busy in a positive manner? Thank you.

    1. Kris, how lucky for your Aussie that you found her and were willing to keep her. A couple of thoughts. Do you know anyone who runs who might enjoy having a running buddy? If she can’t run for a couple of miles, then you could look for a walking group. You could check with area running/walking clubs or the 4H or similar type groups if you have any around you. If that turns up nothing, you could try Craigslist or the local Pennysaver paper. Are you in a position to add another dog as a companion (assuming you don’t already have another dog)? Much of your Aussie’s behaviors do sound like boredom is the primary culprit. A dog buddy could help keep her occupied. And would also be able to help with her picking up cues and learning faster. Maybe a more low-key temperament dog?

      I wouldn’t want to get her into herding or around large animals because she is deaf and wouldn’t be able to hear animals coming up behind her. Deaf Aussies can appear more strong-headed or stubborn, but that really is because they’re not getting the normal feedback cues of a hearing dog.

      Keep the faith. Some of the chewing may be because she’s still young enough to be teething. Aussies hit another teething/chewing stage at around 18 months and aren’t completely done until about 2 yrs.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks everyone for the condolences. Magic was a great love of mine. He captured a special place in my heart, where he will always reside.

  3. When precious memories are all you have, painful though they may be, they are too valuable to leave tucked away to collect dust. Thank-you for sharing a special memory.

    It’s seemed like the memory drifted in with warm sun of late spring. Almost like the smell of strawberries can send us back to our childhood and early summer strawberry shortcake delight.

  4. Wow I forgot about raw pea eating until reading your post. We did it all the time at my grandma’s house. Now I’m hungry for raw peas.

    Lyme’s is horrible and I’m so sorry for the loss of your dog.

  5. Caffienated Cowgirl

    My condolences. Lyme’s disease is a horrible thing.

    But thank you for sharing your story. Makes me think of my dog growing up (a Border Collie), who was the only dog allowed in our vegetable garden and would happily stay with me while I helped weed, so long as I would sneak him a few nibbles of green beans or corn.

    I just discovered your site and will be a frequent reader in the future.

  6. Sorry for such a terrible loss. Your dogs are just lovely…
    We love garden peas too and it is a rare thing for any of them to make it as far as the kitchen door before they are eaten.

  7. So sorry about Magic. Nice picture – almost looks like one of the doggies is guarding Cait while she plays with the other one.

  8. Sorry to hear about the loss of Magic too soon. My dog (A Jack Russell named Bonnie) is 2 on Monday. Anybody who doesn’t have pets don’t understand what the loss of them do to you, as they do become part of the family (Bonnie has definitely become a Wynne, she’s a great character). I know one day she will die and she’ll probably die before me. It will break my heart for a while but life continues. Best you can do is give them a great life when they’re here. Sounds like what you’ve done with Magic.

    Anyway, apologies if it seems off topic and I go on a bit. I felt I needed to say that.

    Thanks for your comment!

  9. My very favorite vegetable, cooked, raw, whatever is fresh peas. I could eat them forever and never stop.

    You can guess what I’m getting ready to plant.

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