Recently, we got to spend a few days on the ocean in South Carolina. The weather was perfect, the beach was spectacular, and Cait and I enjoyed a game we’ve been known to play for hours at a time. We’ve dubbed it “Must Sea TV.” It’s a simple game, really. You just bend over –or, better yet, get down on your knees (Cait’s demonstrating the proper pose for you above)– and investigate all the sea life the tides reveal.

Because this beach was part of a barrier island, the sea life was particularly abundant. Cait got to see her beloved dolphins swim by several times. We watched dozens of pelicans dive-bomb the water. And we saw all kinds of creatures we’d never seen before. But mostly we watched our Sea TV.

I know this isn’t nearly as cool as seeing it live, but watch as the bivalves we’ve uncovered disappear by burying themselves back in the sand. (If you were seeing it live, they’re amazingly fast– 1-2-3-gone.)




Here’s a close up of one little guy gettin’ out of town.

kiawah-041.jpg kiawah-042.jpg kiawah-044.jpg

Going… Going… Gone!

And, sadly, that’s how fast our time there went.