Can I just say… STOP! People, just stop clicking on supposedly funny videos where ignorant people are too unaware or just don’t care that they’re treating their animals cruelly. I won’t be linking to either video. Nor will I share any photos for either of these.

In the span of two days, I’ve had two separate people send me links to videos they thought were hysterically funny. One was of a young woman in a rough neighborhood being accosted by two other young women. She was walking her Pug on a leash. When one of the other women came toward her, she flung her dog THROUGH THE AIR! WHILE ON THE LEASH! BY THE NECK! and smacked this woman so hard with her dog, that the woman fell down. Then the woman appeared to walk off with her dog still on the leash.

Certain injuries to the dog? Strained and bruised neck. Severely bruised rib cage. Probable injuries? Damage to the cervical vertebrae in the neck and a couple of broken ribs. In what world is that funny?

The second was titled, “How to Walk Your Dog” and showed another woman having yanked her bull dog up by his harness onto his hind legs while forcing him to walk on two legs. His expression showed great distress and discomfort, if not downright pain.

Not only is this shit not funny, if I could find where these people lived, I’d report them to the ASPCA for animal cruelty.

I can’t begin to express the outrage I feel about this trend. As if the world isn’t already circling the drain with the mass idiocy that currently abounds–all I ask is that we all please not feed into it.