Reason #34 Why Not to Get a Dog

There are a hundred reasons not to get a dog. And only one reason to get a dog. On the Don’t Get A Dog side, Reason #34 is:

Mud Season

Muddy Yard

Muddy Dog

Muddy Floor.

So don’t say I never warned you.

Oh, and the one and only reason to get a dog? If you can’t live a day without unconditional love and laughter. There’s nothing else in the world quite like it.

8 thoughts on “Reason #34 Why Not to Get a Dog”

  1. Our back yard turned to mud two days ago when the snow melted during a brief warm-up, now rain is on the way, and I’ve been starting to groan. We do the old towel routine, the dish pan of soapy water routine, the keep the micro fiber mop at the back door routine, but doggy footprints still find their way onto the kitchen floor. But when it’s evening and they’re all washed up and laying around, contented, pleased as punch they chased squirrels and birds and got all dirty, I sigh….the sigh that says I couldn’t live without them…..

  2. *snorts*

    You need 12 inch tall dogs with coat. That mud gets up into their belly and flank hair TO THE SKIN.

    AND just to make things interesting, you need *6* of them. To many and to for this old woman since that is 24 feet. However, I also simply cannot live with that much wet/muck/mud/filth, so I taught them all to walk through a cat litter pan with 2 inches or so of soapy water in it. Just enough to go up just to the top of their toes. In and out several times, then across a flannel sheet purchased at Salvation Army for $2 and it’s a done deal. I only have one dog that simply cannot do it, he’s an 11 year old rescue and we don’ on Dashie w/o a muzzle. He goes directly to a crate with another $2 sheet in it. Then the floor sheet goes directly into the washing machine.

    For the belly hair, a long piece of terry cloth (45 inches wide, cut across width) purchased at a fabric store then rubbed back and forth across their bellies and the mud is better, not great like the feet, but better.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..My Old Lady Dog =-.

    1. Holly, what a brilliant solution! And for 6 dogs you definitely need a solution! LOL. With my three, I just lay down a bunch of cheap cotton throw rugs that go from the dog door all the way into the kitchen. They were being washed but they’re back down on the floors now, so all’s right with the world again. :)

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