australian shepherdsAn Aussie-loving friend and I were discussing the joys of living with and loving Australian Shepherds. Having lived with a few and fully understanding the gifts and challenges they can present, I think about whether I’d get another Aussie at this point in my life or something a little less energetic. And I really don’t know… It’s hard to ever go back once you know the intelligence level of these guys.

Maybe I should just start a “Rent-an-Aussie” business for all those Aussie lovers who know and love the breed, but don’t have the space or time or energy to live with one full-time.  Then my Aussies would have many jobs to keep their minds and bodies busy.  I could rent by the hour.  Any takers? : )

8 thoughts on “Rent-an-Aussie”

  1. My current Aussies (4yo and 13wo) came from a working line kennel in Texas. The breeder breeds for a dog who is laid-back when not working, and she delivers. It is possible to get an Aussie with a reasonable energy level. :-)

      1. Sorry, just catching up with your posts a year later :-)

        My dogs are from Terry Martin, Slash V. Her website is

        My younger one (now 15 months) is not quite as mellow as the older one (nearly 6yo), but he can hang out for quite some time as long as he does get brain and body exercised daily.

        1. Hey Judi! Good to hear from you! Wow,Terry’s dogs are amazing! And they’re truly bred to be working dogs, so I’m guessing “not quite as mellow” for a working Aussie would put a less experienced dog person over the edge. : )

  2. LOL, no renting here. There must be a Aussie in this house! Maybe you could find one that is not so energetic Karen. My Bandit is pretty lazy, but he has the strong loyalty Aussie trait. :)

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