How Could I Have Forgotten…

Cait came running in to alert me and my niece who’s visiting about the new iPhone update — ios7.

Cait: “Look at this! They’ve changed everything!  I don’t like it.”

Amanda: “Oh yeah, it’s that new flat color look.”

Me: “I like it. I’m gonna grab my phone and update it.”

Amanda yelling at me as I run from the room, “You early adopter, you!”

I come back with my phone and ask Cait how to get the upgrade, since I don’t live on my phone and she does.

She doesn’t hear because she’s busy showing Amanda all the different changes and how the screens work differently. She’s flipping through her little tutorial so quickly that I can’t even really keep up. Me, who is a tech wizard (usually).

Me: “How’d you already get this all figured out so quickly?!”

Cait: “Mom… I’m a teenager.”

How could I have forgotten? : )

 (Seriously, though, if you have an iPhone, check it out. I think it’s a real improvement.)iphone ios7


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