One Big Happy Family

White Tail Deer

A white tail deer, half hidden in the tall grass behind our second pond, is munching on an early morning breakfast.

This mama has two kids and they live back behind those trees. They’re part of our wildlife family that shares this land. I’ve gotten to know their schedule and routes through the property as well as I know my own. As I have with the foxes, coyotes, rabbits, herons, geese, ducks, turtles, and sundry other 4-footeds. Even the dogs have gotten used to all of them traipsing through and hanging out.

Yup. We’ve become one big happy family.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


4 thoughts on “One Big Happy Family”

  1. I have a mama deer and her two kids visit my yard, as well. About twice a week they come in the morning while I drink coffee and watch them. The other day I sat so still out on the patio they didn’t notice me, or they did and have simply grown to trust me now. Special moments.

  2. They’ve kind of grown up with them all. Sometimes Graidy will bark at the deer. And the Great Blue Heron. But he doesn’t bother with anything else.

    But just get those coyotes singing in the middle of the night, or those foxes screaming–well that’s a different matter.

    One of the reasons I’ve never gotten into chickens is that I’m afraid it would draw the coyotes and foxes too close… : (

  3. Wow, and the dogs don’t chase them off? That is amazing. Our Bennet (Black Lab mix) and Penny (Pit Mix) tend to discourage wildlife from joining the happy family! Being owners of a flock of chickens, this is good when it comes to Raccoons and Opossums. But I always keep my fingers crossed when it comes to the bunnies.

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