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It’s been a while since Finn, Cait’s Maine Coon mix, has gotten any air time. Let me remedy that. He’s almost 4 years old already! And he is well-loved by both humans and dogs alike around here.


That said, I’m not what you’d call a natural cat lover. And Finn and I have had our moments–   Yep, that’s his handiwork.

feliway before

But I really do love him.  So much so, that I built this fence in part for him so he could be a “safe” outdoor cat.  Since we got him, that has been his deepest wish.  How do I know?  You’d only have to listen to him “cack” at the door for hours on end to understand.


All was well for several months.  Until he finally figured out how to deal with the floppy wire at the top of the fence line.


We’ve had to resign ourselves to the fact that his life and his destiny are his own now.  Though we do make sure that he’s always in for the night before dark.  We don’t want to tempt the fates anymore than we already are.  And with all the night-time predators around here, that would be tempting indeed. Once the sun comes up, he’s rearin’ to face a new day.

Finn coon free

Yes, if anyone were to ask him, I’ve no doubt our Finny boy would tell you that his life is mighty fine!

6 thoughts on “Still Here”

  1. I just read your comment on From the Frontlines, and I have to say that it was just amazing to read. I have been struggling with balancing creativity and motherhood and I think you are so right in the end, that motherhood is creative and that it does not have to be an either/or proposition. I think also that you are so right that often we create obstacles for ourselves when we would be better off, to borrow the old Nike adage, to just do it and leave our obstacles behind. Today is the onlly time we have, let us use it wisely. Thank you so much for your beautiful, succinct, and insightful comment that has inspired me so.

  2. Holly, I guess you could say we sort of have Finn clicker trained. We’ve taught him to come when he’s called by tapping on his favorite wet food can. Works like a charm now.

    Deb, how nice to have a cat that actually appreciates being indoors. Especially if you think you have rabid raccoons around.

    Cindy, great name for a Maine coon! We went back and forth for months before deciding to let Finn have outdoor privileges. There’s no question there’s a risk. But he ran a greater risk of getting killed by a rabid human if he ruined one more piece of my furniture. Just KIDDING! But, seriously, if you think the couch looks bad, you should see what he did to my chairs. I finally couldn’t stand looking at them anymore, and we also wound up buying new furniture. So far so good. No scratching. I think being able to go outside has taken care of that need. But I’ll keep the pennies-in-the-coke-can handy!

  3. Karen, I love your Finn too! My Maine Coon cat Zen Master Jackson (OK, well, we don’t call him Zen Master ALL the time) resides inside with his three other cat buds, (or you COULD say his three other cat butts…it’s all relevant!) He also “cacks” at the window everyday and I have felt great pangs of guilt over confining him. Selfishly, I guess, I would rather have him clean and safe and healthy then risk his life to what lurks outside at night. I had to laugh at the shredded sofa though! I had one of those too, notice I said “had”. There just comes a day when you can’t turn the bad side to the wall anymore! But, seriously, when we bought a new sofa this year I started to train him away from it with the old pennies-in-the-coke-can routine…and it worked…oh joy! Sort of like the clicker response maybe, and it only took two weeks! So, put about ten pennies in an empty coke can and tape it up, then shake away when they approach anything they could scratch. It made us laugh too, he would jump straight up about four feet right out of his skin anytime we shook it! We are easily entertained…..

    So, I remain, in praise of cats, “cacking”, pennies, coke cans….(and new sofas). Have a great week!

  4. Misty, makes noises that she would like out but once clear of the door she high-tails it back inside. Smart cat. It’s dangerous out there with the (likely rabid) raccoons.

  5. I, too, am not a first order cat lover. I like them, and I especially like Frosty and her kittens at the barn, but I’d have to think long and hard before I’d have another cat in the house.

    Did you know that cats are highly motivated clicker training subjects? This is what I hear, but of course have no first hand experience since c/t requires some environmental control and the barn cats have food 24/7.

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