There Must be a Dog God

Over the weekend, Andrew wanted to make a stop at a local minimart to pick up a few things on the way back home.  It was a cold, dark evening, and the parking lot of this little strip mall wasn’t very well lit.

Since I was not in need of anything, I stayed in the car while  Andrew hopped out to go get his items. A moment later I watched a guy walk up, put his old beagle mix in a sit-stay, not on the sidewalk, but in a parking spot — in a parking lot where cars frequently whiz in and out. Then he turned without looking back, and casually walked inside.

I watched this little dog sit for, oh, maybe a nanosecond. Then she started exploring the berm along the parking lot. A car zoomed into the spot right next to her. And then another. My heart was in my throat. I saw her scamper around to the other side of the second car, and then she started meandering around the rest of the lot, barely dodging cars that were not thinking to check their rear view mirrors for a little, old dog.

That was about all I could take. I hopped out, went over and collected her. We waited on the sidewalk for her owner to come out. She was an incredibly sweet dog. And happy to have some company. We sat together for a few minutes before her owner finally reappeared.

I explained that she’d been wandering around in the parking lot, and had escaped a few near misses. He thanked me without any concern and off they went, she not on a leash weaving behind him, and he not paying attention to where she was.

All I can figure is there must be a dog god looking out for this sweet old dog.

9 thoughts on “There Must be a Dog God”

  1. I have met people like that. They obviously love the doggie otherwise they wouldn’t take care of him or her.

    The way that they care for the dogs is scary, they don’t seem to care what happens. Maybe it’s a facade and the guy is probably kicking himself right now for being that foolish and you did have an effect Karen.

  2. Good for you–looking out for a dog who needed some looking after. It’s difficult to watch when owners don’t seem to bother.

  3. It’s funny, I’ve never had a dog or a cat, never wanted one but I’m such a sucker for that kind of thing. I just can’t stand to see things suffer or be neglected even if it’s a stray dog.

  4. This is a really sweet story. I can picture you and that dog enjoying each other for the few moments before his owner came out. Wish he’d gone home with you instead. I have a feeling he’d be a lot safer and a lot more loved. Nice post, you sentimental thing you.


  5. Thank goodness for the dog angel (you!) watching over that poor dog in the parking lot. Irresponsible pet owners make me so upset.

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