Dog Neutered and Freaked Out Wearing a Cone? Use a Doggie Diaper Instead.

cavalier in doggie diaperRiley is home from neutering surgery and we were told to have him wear a cone so that he can’t lick himself. Even though we got a soft, flexible cone, it made it hard for him to see. And that made him feel nervous and scared. He stayed frozen on the spot. No amount of coaxing or reassuring helped.

The cone lasted 5 minutes. Andrew went and got a washable female doggie diaper one size larger than Riley needed (so there was plenty of room for his private parts). Works like a charm. Riley is comfortable and happy. And most importantly, he isn’t even tempted to try to lick himself.

It’s a little more inconvenient because we have to take it off and put it back on every time he needs to go outside and relieve himself. But he’s a thousand times happier. And what’s that worth?

This is the brand I got. They’re much softer than the disposable kind. These are also less likely to scratch or catch his skin.

I cannot tell a lie; I can’t take credit for this idea. Andrew came up with it, and I think it’s a brilliant solution.

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