Because Everybody Needs More Chaos in Their Life

Meet Kenzie, our new second puppy. Riley’s true love.

I always knew there’d be a 2nd puppy. If you’re a regular here, you would have bet the farm on it. I’ve written many posts about the right number of dogs and the best gender combination. So it was always just a question of when.

It’s a tale that’s a little bit like the Goldilocks story.

Since I knew I was looking for a female (Read the best gender combinations), and since I have a soft spot for rescues, we started at the rescue well. We found an incredibly sweet Border Collie mix, but she was so instantly smitten with Riley that she bowled him over. Literally. And then she bowled him over again. And again and again. Riley, while polite, was stress drooling and trying to back away. She was way too hot.

Next, we revisited Riley’s breeder to see Riley’s male sibling. Even though I had reservations (same-sex sibling rivalry is no joke), another breeder strongly encouraged me. So I figured no harm in taking a look. He, too, was all over Riley like a fly on you know what. Riley gave him the cold shoulder.

Then we found Kenzie. Truly, it was mutual love at first sight. Even though the breeder warned us that she thought Kenzie was too shy to sell, she also fell for Riley right away. And they were instantly in a game of Catch Me if You Can. One dashing away. The other giving chase. Then reversing the roles. It was beyond sweet. Kenzie was just right.

Even though I’ve learned to really hear what people are telling me, and Kenzie is incredibly shy—which would be considered a fault in a cavalier—I knew I would be able to bring her around.

Here we are at day two and she’s already my 2nd lap dog. Riley is giving her her space. Even though you can tell he’s dying to lick her face, he waits.

Until she gently reaches out to sniff him.

Then they gently nuzzle.

And then they lived happily ever after. : )


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