Time Flies

folder with writing Life’s interesting. On the same day, Cait called to say she got accepted into an MPH program at a top University with a scholarship,  I came across this folder while cleaning out my desk.

Of course, I think my daughter is wise, witty, and wonderful and came here to change the world for the better. Reading through these notes I kept of things she said as a 3 and 4-year-old is a flashback to all that and then some.

(If you’re not a mom who’s madly in love with her kids, you can safely skip this post. )

Summer 1998

  • Yes, indeed!
  • You’re a nice mommy.
  • I’m a very funny girl.
  • I’m so smart.
  • I’ll bring you back a treat.
  • I love you so much.
  • I want an ice comb sloda.
  • Let’s hide! Daddy’s home. Hide!
  • I take good care of you, Mommy.
  • Let’s go on my swing set.
  • I remember.
  • Put a little sauce on it.
  • That’s delicious, you’re a good cooker, Mommy.
  • I pay attention.

Fall 1998

  • Jason, be nice, be nice. That’s Bobby’s ball. Give it to him.
  • I may not be very funny, but I’m a good laugher.
  • I was missing you. I forgot to give you a kiss.
  • I live for you, Mommy.
  • That’s what I’m talking about (when we finally understand her)
  • I’m worried so.
  • Mommy come outside and sit and visit with me.
  • Let’s blow bubbles.
  • “Who’s coming over today?” Said while watching me clean the house.
  • My pleasure, Mommy.
  • “Sure is” Her response to anything she agrees with.
  • Who named her?
  • That’s very tasty. (Her gourmet tastes were on display from a very early age.)

Spring/Summer 1999

  • My mother tells Cait, “You do a nice job” ( with an art project). Cait: “Don’t I, though.”
  • Speak to my ear (whisper to me).
  • When Cait would ask for something, she would add these instructions at the end, “Just say ‘sure’ Mommy.”
  • Mommy, now listen. You hurt my feelings. It’s not nice to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Let’s go make some new friends at the playgournd.
  • You’re not on our team if you do that. (Said to another kid who was being disruptive.)
  • Daddy, did you bring me a treat?
  • Let’s go pick some peas.

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