Why I Don’t Use a Flexi-Leash

What’s the matter with using a Flexi-leash?

Flexi-leashes require tension on the leash in order to keep the line pulled out and thus teach dogs to pull.

And if you already have a dog who pulls (because maybe you haven’t had the time to properly train him how to walk on a leash?) then a flexi-leash will ensure that you will always have a problem walking your dog. I know. Harsh, but true.

Here’s just one of the all-too-frequent occurrences that can run from simply dangerous to frighteningly deadly: When your dog is at the end of a retractable leash, she can get far enough away from you to be able to run into the street or to make uninvited contact with other dogs and people–or worse, with a passing car. Another particularly scary situation that can happen when your dog is on a retractable leash, is getting approached by an aggressive dog. That’s a REALLY hard situation to manage under the best of circumstances. Now your dog is 20 feet away from you, and that’s 20 seconds too late for you to help her.

I’ve found the best solution for us.

KnottedLeash I use a long line with knots I’ve tied into it every few feet to make it easier for me to let it out and gather it back up as needed. I like it because it requires that both Graidy and I pay attention and stay connected to each other. And, as there’s no pulling allowed, we both can walk forever with no sore dog necks or sore human shoulders.

But, truly, if you like (need) to walk your dog a couple of times a day, it’s so worth it for you and your dog to learn together how to walk on leash. Go find a good positive trainer. It will change your life.

6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use a Flexi-Leash”

    1. Jan, now there’s a video I’d like to see! : ) You surely must lift weights among other things. Seriously, where do you get your leashes?

      Kailani–don’t tell your mom we were giggling about leashes and small dogs… unless, of course, she might think that clip was funny too. hehe.

  1. Flexi-leashes require tension on the leash in order to keep the line pulled out and thus teach dogs to pull.

    Perfectly clear explanation! Thank you!

  2. I totally abhor the flexi leash.. I get it for folks with trained dogs who want to give them a little more freedom at playtime but still need to keep them leashed..

    However, I was doing a fundraiser in a park and I swear there were probably 8 pugs.. all on flexi’s… all at least 10 feet away from their owners who were “shopping”. The pugs got themselves all tangled up under the tables and then “hilarity” ensued.

    I actually saw one woman hand her flexi to a kid she didn’t know because the kid wanted to “hold” the dog.. then the woman (because she was so disconnected from her dog, I’m sure) left… forgot her dog. FORGOT her dog! She came running back about 20 minutes later.. screaming about how she forgot her dog…

    My house? 6 ft. leashes all the way.

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