A Conundrum

Cheeky little fellow. Without dogs or cats to scare him away, he’s happy to hang out on our front porch and take in the sights.

chipmunk on porch

Our front and back yard are now overflowing with chipmunks who’ve moved in. Which presents a conundrum. Do I take a live-and-let-live policy (as has been my policy with all outdoor animals) and leave them alone? Or do I find a way to actively move them along? I don’t need more burrowing or house-entering critters.

The conundrum is that while they do tend to burrow along fences, foundations, and porches (which can weaken these structures), they also eat mice.

Since we also have a mice problem and no more Finn to help keep them in check, do I take a wait-and-see attitude to determine whether they actually help get rid of the mice?

I’ve decided to live and let live for now and count this as my Garden Experiment for 2022. Stay tuned.

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