How Cold is It…?

King Charles Cavalier in snow It’s been in the single and negative digits here for days, as it has been for many states across the Mid West and North East. Too cold for man or beast to dally outside.

When Kiera was here, she’d have pointed out that I wasn’t a man and she wasn’t a beast–and she would have insisted that we go walking.

She’d have looked at the thermometer, noted its mercury nose-dive with a nod, as if to say, “You gonna let a little thing like that scare you?” And I’d have laughed and put both of us in our “snow suits and boots.” And we’d have at least made it down to the horse farm, if not all the way down to the end of the road.

We both always felt much better after taking in a little fresh air.

But Graidy and Wink…? They’d completely agree with the “better inside for beasts” motto; they don’t have the same constitution for the cold. Even trying to convince them that it’s in their own best interest to go out to relieve themselves takes some doing.

If you asked them, “How cold is it?” They’d tell you, “Hell has officially frozen over!”

How cold is it where you are?


6 thoughts on “How Cold is It…?”

  1. We have been the deep freeze (Missouri), but have not gotten any snow-just cold. What surprises me is that the Poodles (and I mean 8 lb. Poodles), don’t seem to be that phased by it. They seem to take their time and do whatever they want before they decide to come in. They might be a tad quicker when the temps are in the negatives, but not much. What they don’t like is wind, rain, and snow.

  2. Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning they are calling for -25 degrees temps. The kids will not be happy! At least they are potty trained, now that would not be fun lol

  3. It has been very cold and snowy here in Michigan. On the days it is not frigid, I try to let Blue and Dolly out as much as possible together to burn off some energy. It has been more difficult for Dolly. I have caught her chewing the wall and coffee table. I know it is because she has to be kept in so much due to dangerous outside temperatures. My 2 senior rescues do their business and want in ASAP!! When it is very cold, Blue & Dolly are not let out together because they would rather play then come in right away. This winter has been challenging with 2 young pups!!

    1. All kidding aside, it was -12F this morning — too cold for even my beloved Kiera. Though it got up to a balmy 3F later in the day. : )

      I sympathize with having two young pups in the house. That’s tough. Looks like we’ve got one more week of the bitters before we get a break.

      hang in there!

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