A Chill in the Air


A cup of tea shared in front of the fire, with animals near (Finnegan is keeping my spot warm on the chair next to Graidy). With the late October chill in the air, the woodstove’s rosy glow draws us all closer, helping to get us ready for winter’s simpler pleasures.

9 thoughts on “A Chill in the Air”

  1. Oh this looks like a fun day. Hopped over here from Mary Alice’s Frontlines and had to comment because I have a Cait too. Yours is very cute. Mine is a redhead.

  2. Graidy’s fur looks SO silky! The fireplace and the dogs and the adorable kid make such a sweet picture. It’s not nearly cold enough here for a fire.

  3. Oh. I love that picture. It took me right back to when I was that age and would sit next to our wood stove feeling the warmth on my face. I had a dog to keep me company as well, the only difference was that I had several sisters sprawled out next to the fire too!

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