Take It From the Top


This is the view from the top of Owl’s Head, one of Lake Placid’s shorter hikes — just over 2 miles up and back.

Cait and I were heading back after a long weekend at my mother’s (Andrew stayed home to get in the last of some golfing, while watching the dogs). Just as we were about to pass the road that led to the trail head, we looked at each other.

“Mom?” Cait nodded to the entrance.

“Sure,” I said, “why not?” And I swung down the road.

This, despite the fact that we had nothing but street shoes with us, and Cait’s comfy travel clothes would hardly qualify for haute hiking fashion.


It was such a spectacular day, we didn’t care. We started scrambling up like a couple of mountain goats.

We couldn’t believe our luck! We hit it just right–we had the whole trail to ourselves. Because, ironically, sometimes these wilderness trails can get as busy as Grand Central Station.


Only two things were missing to make it a perfect hike — Andrew, and a picnic lunch.

10 thoughts on “Take It From the Top”

  1. Teetotaled, Oct is my all-time favorite month.

    Meg, the pine cones were in full sweet pine smell.

    Deb, LOL! You win the prize! I wondered if anyone would notice Cait’s finger. She was pointing at a hawk sailing overhead.

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