Finding a Dog Sitter

Black dog with leash over noseI don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt comfortable leaving my dogs with anyone else. I tried a couple of dog boarding places over the years with mixed experiences.

One (a veterinarian boarding facility) was the worst experience of all. Another, a woman who had a great setup on her farm, was great for several years, but she closed up shop a few years ago.

And there’s one woman who has come to our house to sit–who is fabulous–but you have to book her months in advance. We never know what we’re doing next week, nevermind months in advance.  All of this has meant that Andrew and I have seldom been able to get away together.

But I came across the Wag app recently, which got me looking for other websites. Lo and behold, there are a bunch. I guess dog/house-sitting is getting to be big business. So I’m thinking about trying out a dog walker and then working my way up to a house sitter, in order to give my dogs a chance to get comfortable before I actually go somewhere and leave them alone with someone else.

Anyway, here are the websites I’m looking into:

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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