Finnegan Begin Again


Okay, so I was only joking. Of course Finnegan is a cat and not a dog. In fact, I think he’s at least part, if not all, Maine Coon cat, which would explain his heavily tufted ears and his big, bushy tail. It would also explain his dog-like personality, and his superior hunting skills. Just ask the mice around here. If you can find any left.

4 thoughts on “Finnegan Begin Again”

  1. Hey Justin. Coons do have a sort of regal carriage, don’t they? Don’t know how Finn is with other cats, but he sure loves my two dogs. The three of them often sleep in a pile.

    Your kitties sound very sweet. You’ve got quite a menagerie!

  2. Ask me about a Maine Coon Cat since I am the proud owner of a Maine Coon..hehe.Love the way they carry themselves and are very friendly to other cats(atleast to my other cat whose a Persian.

  3. Your cat is gorgeous and he looks like a maine coon to me (although I’m no expert). My very first cat was a rescued maine coon, so I have a special place in my heart for them. : ) She was a wonderful first cat because, at the time, I didn’t think I liked them. She really was a dog trapped in a cat’s body.

    Thanks for the info on my blog regarding the Miele vacuum!

  4. C. thanks for the Coon vote. I’m almost positive he is.

    C. was debating which vacuum cleaner was best for picking up animal hair. I’ve had a Miele for years, and nothing else touches it.
    Thanks for stopping by, C.

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