Frog Man and Other Terms of Endearment

Frog Man

Some dogs lend themselves to nicknames. Graidy is such a dog. He goes by The Graidster, Graidy-Gru (Cait came up with that one), Happy Boy, Circus Dog, Clown Boy, Barky Boy, Monkey Mon, Licky Boy, Dagger Paws (for as light as he is on his feet, when he stands on you, you’d think he weighs a ton), Funny Boy (he’s the funniest dog I’ve ever had)– and Frog Man, which is aptly descriptive, don’t you think?

Kiera My Love Kiera, on the other hand, has a quiet dignity about her. A nickname just wouldn’t suit her. It’d be like calling the Queen of England Lizzie Baby. It just doesn’t work. Kiera is Kiera. Or Kiera, my love. And that says it all.

4 thoughts on “Frog Man and Other Terms of Endearment”

  1. Ha! I’ll share our secret family nicknames if you’ll share yours. On second thought… :)

    Wonder if it is a male, female thing? Anybody else find the boys lend themselves more to nicknames than the girls?

  2. What great dogs!

    I’m always amazed at how totally feminine Misty is and we could never give her a nickname. Timmy, on the other hand, is completely masculine, not in the John Wayne sense, of course, but in a sort of lovable, blustery macho Poodle way. He has acquired many nicknames. (Some of which won’t leave the family)

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