Happy Easter and To All a Good Night!

When my family gets together, there are a lot of us. One of the many things we’re thankful for is that we all enjoy each other. There’s always a buzz of activity and lots of laughter.

We got to share an unexpected moment of merriment when, after a long day of cooking, we finally all got to sit down to eat. My mother, tired from helping my sister and me with the day’s non-stop preparations, raised her water glass and toasted, “Happy Easter everyone!”

There was a moment of stunned silence before we all burst out laughing — my mother laughing the hardest of all.

My quick-witted sister then countered, “Mom, it only seems like it took us until Easter to get this meal on the table.”

As long as we’re mixing holidays, let me say on behalf of my tired mother and my tired dogs, “Happy Easter and To All a Good Night!”

dogs thanksgiving 09

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with lots of laughter and love, and much to be thankful for. We sure did.

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter and To All a Good Night!”

  1. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The day after we took our two dogs out for a long hike. One reason was to honor Jake, the other reason was to be deliberate in NOT buying a single solitary thing….and joy and laughter followed us over the fields and through the woods!

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