How Long Will it Take Them…

We’ve got a messy storm blowing in, so Cait and a friend wanted to get in what may be the last of the skating for a bit.

Cait takes a moment to tighten up her laces.


Even though the ice is 5 inches thick (thick enough to safely drive a car on) and we have a long-line rope on the fence post, I still wind up checking on them from time to time.  My old EMT safety habits die hard.


What I quickly saw was that they had company. Can you see their eyes glowing up on the ridge?


I wondered how long it would take the girls to notice. Cait usually has a sixth sense when there are critters around.


Ah, there– they’ve both caught sight of them.


What they can’t see (because of the floodlights) that I can see is that these are our five deer.


Pow-wow to decide what to do.


When in doubt…  move on out!


Both girls and deer have scared each other off.

Hmm, that ice looks inviting…  I think I’ll go for a spin.

7 thoughts on “How Long Will it Take Them…”

  1. Oh Karen, *hockey playing deer*, wouldn’t that make a great Christmas card for your family to send out next year? LMAO as I write! (Laughing my antlers off)…..

  2. Cindy, I can imagine them playing hockey with their antlers in the wee hours of the night. LOL

    DeeDee, someday we’ll have to compare ER stories!

  3. I would have high-tailed it out of there too. I didn’t know you had EMT days…I have old Med-tech in an emergency room days behind me :)

  4. Guardians of the night no doubt. What you may not know is they were probably waiting to get their own skating party on! “Antlers On Ice”, yeah, I think that’s the name of their club….

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