How to Turn Any Stranger into Your Dog’s Friend

Dog Food DoorWith the holidays (and lots of company) approaching, if you want to enter our house in relative peace, it’s best to come bearing gifts.

Specifically, dog food treats are most welcome. But if you’ve forgotten yours at home, no worries. I’ve attached a container of kibble right at garage door knob level. You can’t miss it coming in.

Think of it akin to entering church, where you bless yourself with holy water before entering. Kinda like ensuring good luck–

Only, here, the good luck is that if you throw the kibble for Graidy before you enter, instead of being greeted with non-stop barking and rushing, you’ll be greeted with licks and wags.

If you have a guarding or sentry dog, this is one easy step you can take to help condition your wary dog to more easily accept letting your friends into your home.

Once your friend has thrown the kibble, then you just need to remind her to stand sideways, not speak in high-pitched squeaky voices, avert her gaze, and not try to pet your dog, until your dog is calm and approaches your guest on his own. Easy Peazy.

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