Life with Geriatric Animals

So. Life in the very slow lane. What does that look like?

Graidy is 18ish, Finn is 15 and Wink is 12. All are still going strong-ish.

But all now have heart problems. And Finn’s about to go get nuked with a radioactive shot to the tune of $3k to kill a benign tumor that’s making him hyperthyroid.

I know. It’s nuts. But I’m pathological. I can’t not do it, because Finn isn’t ready to go yet. These animals have been together all of their lives. They are their own family.

They move as one unit. Wherever I go, they all go.

So we have dog beds in every room because their old bones have a hard time on hard surfaces. And we live downstairs now because Graidy can’t do the stairs anymore.

I’ve built indoor and outdoor ramps because, yep, Graidy can’t do stairs anymore.

And we give meds twice a day, every day, forever, to keep heart failure at bay.

I know we are not far from the day when I will have to make some very tough decisions.

But that’s not today. So on we go.



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