6 thoughts on “Meet Duke”

  1. You know when you go to places like Starbucks and they ask you your name? My husband always says his name is Duke . . . it’s not his name. So many times he’ll leave and I’m waiting for his order. They start calling “Duke” and I’m thinking “Who’s order is that?”

    Just thought I’d share . . . hee hee.

  2. He’s adorable and what a dapper fellow he is! Did your daughter and you create him together? My heart goes out to you all coping with the frigid weather the northeast is experiencing… this is such brutal cold and snow that never lets up. We have had a respite here for a few days but it will back to reality soon I fear and more cold and snow. But it was nice while it lasted. Cabin fever can be very hard to deal with in March. Keep reading those seed catalogs and dreaming of summer and the garden’s bounty and put another log on the fire.

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