Nurse Kiera

Cait has a touch of the flu. And there’s only one way to get her to rest.

Kiera has to just about physically lie on top of her. And then stay with her until she falls asleep. Nurse Kiera is always up for the job.


This time, Kiera stayed with Cait for the entirety of her four hour nap. When Cait woke, her fever had broken, and the worst of the symptoms were behind her.

There is no stronger medicine than love and devotion.

12 thoughts on “Nurse Kiera”

  1. words escape me…. this is so beautiful. Kudos to Kiera! Hope Cait is feeling better. Cats can be nurses too…When I had a terrible gall bladder attack ( I actually passed a stone) last May, Malcolm the Mainecoon ( Finn’s long lost twin) was at my side the entire night of agony. When my hub finally woke up from my screams of agony and was rubbing my back while I was on all fours, that cat sat on his back legs and put his front paws on my back too. Malcolm was trying to help! THEY know.

  2. Oh, I can so relate. I’ve been sick since New Year’s. Chester is in heaven. It is his mission in life to lay on me, and the fact that pretty much all I’ve been doing the last few days is lay on the couch just makes his day.

    I’m slowly getting better, and I think that upsets him. :)

  3. Caffienated Cowgirl

    Oh how I love those darn Border Collies! Mine used to do the same thing. He couldn’t stand it if I was sick or injured. Cait will be better in no time with Kiera’s nursing skills!

  4. That is so sweet. I could have used some post-surgery canine snuggling, but I was too afraid they’d smack into one of my incisions. Your picture is absolutely beautiful and Cait is lucky to have such a loving nurse.

  5. “There is no stronger medicine than love and devotion.” Amen. I hope Cait feels all better soon. The Middle Child was down for three days. Yuck.

  6. jen_chan, writer

    Dogs always seem to know when their master or mistress isn’t feeling up to par. Even when you’re feeling sad, they can sense your loneliness and will even curl up around your feet to offer comfort. It’s quite an amazing thing.

  7. Two cheers for nurse Kiera! What a sweetie. There are few things more comforting (especially when under the weather) than having a furry friend by our side!

  8. It’s amazing how pets often know when their people need tender, loving care. Glad to hear Cait’s fever has broken, and hope she’ll soon be on the mend.

  9. Cait is lucky to have such a concerned and furry nurse. I think we should Kiera Furry Nightingale.

    Feel better, Cait!

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