Will You Pulleeease Get Off the Computer


I’m working late on a deadline. It’s way past this crew’s bedtime. They’ve been patiently waiting, curled around my feet. And then not so patiently waiting, moving toward the stairs.

When that didn’t get me to follow, they parked themselves halfway between me and the stairs as a hint, alternating between loud sighs and glares.

Finnegan finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Previously lying snuggled up next to Graidy (they’re inseparable), he determined that walking on the keyboard was a surefire way to get me to quit.

He was right.

Sometimes, I think I liked the days before home computers better…

G’nite folks.

15 thoughts on “Will You Pulleeease Get Off the Computer”

  1. Computers definitely annoy the critters sometimes. But then again, some of the critters blog ;)
    Thanks for joining CotC this week!
    Robyn & Sanjee

  2. Your Finnegan resembles my beloved Willie who I lost in August 2006 to FIV and FeLV. We used to have a border collie mix who would pace back and forth from us to the bedroom door, then she’d finally just sit at the doorway and stare a hole in us until we got the hint.

  3. The only time in the evening the dogs really become interested in playing is when I sit down at my computer!
    As soon as the computer goes on I get all sorts of toys dropped at my feet or pushed into my legs. After a few minutes they sit around my feet sighing heavily.
    It’s become a ritual and they know after half an hour or so I’ll give in and play with them for a while. After that they’ll happily go and sleep in their beds (whilst I return to my computer) happy in the knowledge they’ve got me twisted around their paws yet again!

  4. True, true, guys. In the old days Finn would have just walked on the papers. And there is the matter of white-out and noisy typewriters… But I think we had more time — or I’ll say I had more time before computers came into my life. It’s too much like Alice down the rabbit hole. It’s an adventure all right, but it can steal one away from the rest of life.

    Jen, thanks for the kind words about my book. Always appreciated. Graidy, the white dog, is my “new” dog. He’s been here 3 1/2 years now. Also a rescue boy, like Magic. Kiera is the black and white Aussie sleeping on the chair. She’s 8 yrs old now. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. just finished your book-really enjoyed it a lot-read it one sitting! great job! who is your other dog now? do you still have kiera? sorry to be nosy?

  6. Before we got the dogs, Gizmo used to come into the office at night at bedtime. I’d ask him if he wanted to go to bed, and he’d go running into the bedroom.

    Unfortunately, since we did get the dogs, he no longer sleeps with me. :(

    However, he still often comes to get me at bedtime. He wants a chaperon walking him into the living room so he can go snuggle with Simba! It’s really hilarious.

    They have a way of getting their messages across, that’s for sure.

    Judy’s last blog post..

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