If Only People Paid As Much Attention As Dogs

australian shepherd paying attentionAdmit it. You can’t even move toward your shoes without your dog(s) knowing that you are going out. And whether those shoes are hard-soled or sneakers tell them whether they’re going to get to go with you.

That’s because our dogs really pay attention. They notice every little action we take. Every little facial expression. Every little sigh or laugh. Every little everything. They. Pay. Attention.

And they know exactly what that action, expression, sound means.

I cannot move an inch in my own home without my dogs knowing exactly whether I’m about to leave for a work meeting, or get something to eat, or take them outside, going upstairs to go to bed, or 100 other options. And they move in perfect step and respond with the perfect wag, lick, or anxiety pawing.

What if our fellow humans paid half as much attention to how we really feel or what we really are about to do. What if our fellow humans cared half as much as our dogs.

I believe the world would be a much kinder, gentler place.

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