There’s another snowstorm blowing in. It got me to thinking about how one’s perspective can change over time…

Before I became a mom, my idea of winter splendor was this. Pristine, untouched snow. No footprints. No snow shaken from branches on which it gently rests. No sign of humans anywhere.

Monochromatic stillness.


Since I’ve been a mom, my idea of winter bliss has changed. Colorful splashes of coats. Rosy red cheeks. Footprints everywhere. Long channels of compressed snow rolled for snowman body parts.

Laughter reverberating.


If we’re lucky, school will be canceled tomorrow, and Cait and I will be busy outside marking up our winter wonderland.

13 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Oh how I remember snow days! They seemed to put the extra shine on the already glistening white blanket of snow.

    Enjoy your snow day! :)

  2. Yay for snow–I can still remember how completely happy I was to spend the day in the snow playing as a kid! What a beautiful photo, too, you can feel and hear the stillness that comes with a snow-blanketed world.

  3. I often look enviously upon my neighbors’ yards. The snow in our yard is so trampled down by the dogs that it’s nothing more than a big ice slick.

  4. Snow is meant to be played in so enjoy! Of course, it’s also meant to be shoveled which, by the look of things, I’ll be doing in the next few hours.

  5. I no longer have little ones to mark it up but the local small fry often take the long way – I mean the shortcut along the creek behind us – to get home in the afternoons.

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