Read this Article and Then Disable Your Location Tracking

spyHaving to work with technology for a living, I am at the point where I find enough of it so disturbing that I’m about ready to throw out my computer and buy a flip phone.

Read this article to get a quick hit of how easy it is for companies to misuse and downright abuse your information.

Even This Data Guru Is Creeped Out By What Anonymous Location Data Reveals About Us

Using code and the web, a data scientist follows two unnamed people and learns just how much our anonymous location data can say about who we are.

How to Disable Location Tracking

Android Users: To disable location tracking on an Android device, go to Settings. Scroll down and tap Location, then switch the slider to the off position. This, however, will turn off all location tracking so that apps like Google Maps or even Uber or Lyft won’t work. To control location tracking with more granularity, go into each app through the App Manager and turn off location tracking. Android Users can also delete their device’s location history.

iOS Users: Navigate to Settings, then scroll down and tap on Privacy, then tap on Location Services. At this point users can disable location tracking wholesale by toggling the slider to off. Alternatively, this Location Services lists all apps that use location tracking, allowing users to control which apps have access to location and when. Users can either select “Never” or “While Using the App.”


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