The Most Important Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me

Someone was asking, in conversation, what was the biggest lesson my dogs have taught me. I had to think about it, because there are so many valuable things I’ve learned from them. I’ve narrowed it down to two, which are of equal importance to me.

Lesson 1: Play, laugh, and love everyday.

Lesson 2: Shed a lot.

6 thoughts on “The Most Important Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me”

  1. Hey, I guess everyone does learn a lot from their pets, this may sound dumb but i had cats and what i learned from them was to slow down and just enjoy life as it comes. Don’t rush anything, my cats were the sweetest, most relaxed cats. I miss them dearly. Good luck with your pets!

  2. Another good lesson I have learned from my pets…Never be afraid to nap, a good nap can cure many things.

  3. My dog rocky recently passed away. The biggest lessons he taught me is to love people for their authenic self. He also taught me I am worthy of love.

  4. There is always time to take a good nap.
    Be friendly to family and guests and don’t snap at them.
    Stop and smell the air outside, listen to the birds and just take it all in.

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