Yep. For all you Game of Throne fans, that is one of the capes, an actual sword (that’s bigger than Cait) and the locale in Northern Ireland, on a typically cold and rainy day.

It’s been an interesting year of travel to far flung places with vastly different points of views and different ways of life.

Cait and I have been having many discussions about how to not just stand up for what you believe, but also take action. How not to fail the moment or yourself. And, most importantly, now not to forget to listen with caring and compassion first, before speaking.

How to act with courage and strength and from the best truth you have at the moment.

This poem, I think, captures the essence of how to be strong, while also not forgetting who you are and what matters.

When Women are Warriors

When women are warriors
they still make dinner
and try to explain the world to their mothers and their daughters
When women are warriors
they go on being grandmothers
whispering warrior words and singing
ancient songs about love and justice
When women are warriors
they plant gardens and walk
the stone beaches gathering driftwood
and watching sails on the horizon.
they brew tea for friends
and gather in small groups for silence.
When women are warriors
they still think of themselves as girls
before they knew they needed to be warriors.
-J. Jefferson

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